We are happy to announce Kontena 0.11.0 is now released! This version features Kontena Vault - a secure key/value storage for making it more easy to manage application secrets, and major improvements to scaling.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Kontena Vault - When your application requires access to APIs or databases, you'll often need to use secrets such as passwords and access tokens for authenticating the access. Kontena Vault is a secure key/value storage that can be used to manage secrets in Kontena. See Kontena Vault documentation to learn more.
  • Scaling Improvements - Major improvements to logic and processes related to vertical scaling. The platform will now perform more stable when increasing the number of service instances running in a node. In our tests, we are now able to run nodes, each with with 500 service instances.
  • VPN & Image Registry Improvements - Show VPN and Image Registry services in service list
  • External Registry Improvements - Pass external registry credentials as options instead of shell prompt
  • Kontena CLI Updates
    • Added short rm for all remove commands.
    • Added Kontena CLI commands to help working with multiple master nodes.
    • New parameter grid env [NAME] to specify grid, defaults to current grid
    • New option grid current --name to show only current grid name
    • New option node list --all to show nodes from all grids
    • Tab auto-complete Kontena Master use names
    • Require Ruby 2.0 or later
  • Weave 1.4.1 - Updated Weave to version 1.4.1

In addition, we have yet again improved the overall stability and robustness. See the full list of changes. We hope you like what we have done. Let us know what you think! Looking forward to see you again!

Image Credits: Seagulls Hovering by Konstantinos Kazantzoglou