Developer-friendly Solution Offers Needed Agility, Scalability and Ease of Use

HELSINKI, Oct. 11, 2016 - Containerization of applications brings significant benefits to software developers, but it is often challenging to deploy, run and maintain. Kontena announced today that AppGyver, a mobile app development platform, has chosen its developer-friendly container and microservices platform because it offers the scalability and agility AppGyver needs.

Before switching to Kontena, AppGyver was using a platform that had become cost-prohibitive for the company.

Open and integrated: Kontena is open source, which minimizes vendor lock-in while integrating with many complementary products, OSS projects and leading SaaS services such as monitoring and logging.

Easy to use: Designed to maximize developer happiness, Kontena works off the shelf — on any public cloud, on-premises or hybrid — and requires minimum effort to install. The platform updates itself automatically and requires zero maintenance, making it very cost-effective.

Platform independence: Running its app development platform on Kontena enables AppGyver to deliver its product both as SaaS as well as installed on customer premises with minimum additional effort.

Support: AppGyver was able to successfully migrate to Kontena and integrate with the company's existing systems with the assistance of Kontena's premium customer support.

Matti Paksula, CTO, AppGyver said:

"We looked at several other providers, but they were either not mature or were too complex to setup and maintain. One of the things we had not been able to do with our previous platform, due to cost, was to deploy a dedicated application runtime for each customer. Now we can do that, and much more. We also appreciate the scalability of Kontena's platform as our company grows."

Miska Kaipiainen, chief executive officer and co-founder, Kontena, said:

"Development today has to be fast and agile. Container and microservices technologies are meant to help in this respect, but many offerings are too complex and don't transition well from development to production. We created our platform to be more accessible and easy for developers to use, and wins like AppGyver let us know we're on the right track."

About Kontena

Kontena, Inc. is the creator of Kontena, an open source, developer-friendly container and microservices platform. Kontena is built to maximize developer happiness by simplifying running containerized applications on any infrastructure: on-premises, cloud or hybrid. It provides a complete solution for organizations of any size. Founded in March 2015, Kontena was recognized as one of the best new open source projects in the 8th annual Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards. For more information, visit:

Image Credits: Little Rocks by Unsplash