Kontena Pharos is the simple, solid and certified Kubernetes distribution that just works. It is open source under Apache 2 license and free for any purpose: personal or commercial.

Helsinki/New York, April 4, 2018 – Kontena, the company renowned for its developer friendly container management solution has today announced Kontena Pharos, a simple, solid and certified Kubernetes distribution that just works. It is composed of the latest upstream Kubernetes with all the essential components delivering a robust foundation at any scale.

With Kontena Pharos, companies can implement cost-effective, secure and standardized deployments of Kubernetes. Unlike most existing solutions, Kontena Pharos is designed to work on any infrastructure – not just cloud. It features tools for updating and maintaining the system with all the security fixes and platform updates. In addition, it is commercially supported even covering the use of Kubernetes itself.

Finally, the killer feature that makes Kontena Pharos stand out and shine: it is simple and works without hassle.

“We are on a mission to relieve developers and businesses of the immense complexity involved in container technology, and in Kubernetes in particular,” said Miska Kaipiainen, CEO and founder of Kontena Inc. “While our distribution saves a significant amount of time and effort for developers, it means direct savings and benefits for companies.”

Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for container orchestration despite its numerous issues. It takes a lot of resources and expertise to manage. Now, Kontena Pharos leapfrogs Kubernetes to a mature, production ready technology.

Since 2015, Kontena has developed its own container platform solution in a quest to empower developers to architect and run containerized applications with minimal effort. Now, Kontena Pharos brings this superior experience to Kubernetes users.

“We feel we nailed down the developer happiness factor, and we are delighted to offer our know-how to the Kubernetes ecosystem. With Kontena Pharos, companies can benefit from container technology immediately and not after months or even years,” Kaipiainen said.

The production grade version 1.0 of Kontena Pharos will be released in May during KubeCon Europe 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, the solution is available for testing via the Kontena Pharos website https://pharos.sh. For enterprises with production workloads, Kontena offers commercial subscriptions with support and SLA agreements as well as consulting and training packages.

About Kontena Inc.

Kontena Inc. is specialized in creating the most developer friendly solution for running containers. Kontena's products are built on open source technology developed and maintained by Kontena. Founded in 2015, Kontena is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and also has a branch office in New York. More information: www.kontena.io.