Today, Kontena released the latest version of Kontena Pharos 2.1, the simple, solid and certified Kubernetes distribution that works on private data centers, cloud or hybrid. It is a comprehensive, enterprise-ready platform bringing together developers, IT operations and devops teams to deploy, operate and manage containerized applications across enterprise infrastructure. Kontena Pharos is designed for users who strongly prefer to use and leverage their existing infrastructure and/or remain cloud provider agnostic.

Unlike many competing Kubernetes distributions, Kontena Pharos works with any machine, virtual or bare metal, based on Intel or ARM x86-64 architectures and running CentOS, Debian, Redhat or Ubuntu Linux operating systems. Some of the advanced features include support for docker and CRI-O container runtimes, integrated storage for hyper converged infrastructures and advanced monitoring and cluster management dashboard.

The Key Features of Kontena Pharos 2.1

Updated: Kontena Lens 1.3

Kontena Pharos 2.1 comes with a new version of Kontena Lens. Kontena Lens 1.3 brings new features and number of bug fixes. The most notable new features are:

Edit and Remove Resources

Previously only new resources could be created from Lens dashboard. Now it is also possible to edit resources too. For example existing deployments can be edited directly from Lens and changes will be deployed right away. Also, all resources can now be deleted on Lens dashboard.

Scale deployments

With version 1.3 it is possible to scale deployments up and down. When scaling deployments, you can see on Kontena Lens dashboard how new pods are popping up and old pods get removed in real time.

Real Time Metrics

Previously you were able to see node and pod metrics. Now they are updated periodically, so you don't need to refresh the page to see no metrics anymore.

Better Performance on Big Clusters

Kontena Lens 1.3 improves performance when a cluster contains lots of nodes and resources. Also, events are moved to a dedicated section and only keeping the latest events on the workload overview, making it snappy no matter how many events there are in total.

Improved: Multi-region Support


Kontena Pharos has supported clusters that span across multiple regions and/or datacenters since the beginning. Although it worked pretty well for many use cases it still had few shortcomings, mainly how networking was configured. Kontena Pharos 2.1 fixes many of the shortcomings by introducing a new sidecar component, Flying Shuttle, to Weave Net. Sidecar configures Weave Net peering automatically based on cluster nodes region and external-ip labels. In practice this means that nodes within a region (or a datacenter) are networked together using private network addresses and inter-region networking is done using public addresses.

Updated: Kubernetes 1.12

Kubernetes 1.12 brings many new features. Here is a list of things that we find cool:

Taint Node by Condition

The Taint node by condition feature causes the node controller to dynamically create taints corresponding to observed node conditions. It's now possible to ignore some of the node’s problems (represented as Node conditions) by adding appropriate pod tolerations.

Configurable Pod Process Namespace Sharing

It's now possible to configure containers within a pod to share a common PID namespace by setting an option in the PodSpec. See the Kubernetes documentation for more details.

IPBlock for Network Policies

NetworkPolicy objects now support CIDR IP blocks to be configured in the rule definitions. You can combine Kubernetes-specific selectors with IP-based ones both for ingress and egress policies.

Updated: Ingress-nginx 0.21

Ingress-NGINX addon has been upgraded to the latest version, 0.21.0. This update brings many new features, including:

Other Improvements

  • Optionally configure proxies for control plane (#862)
  • Weave Net v2.5.0 (#821)
  • Cri-o v1.12.3 (#892)
  • Metrics-server v0.3.1 (#849)

See the full changelog here.

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