Kontena Pharos is the unique mix of simplicity, security and modularity combined with the raw power of Kubernetes. It’s open source under Apache 2 license and free for any purpose: personal or commercial.

Copenhagen, May 2, 2018 – Kontena, the company renowned for its developer friendly container management solution has today released the production grade version 1.0 of Kontena Pharos, the simple, solid and certified Kubernetes distribution that just works. It is composed of the latest upstream Kubernetes with all the essential components delivering a robust foundation at any scale.

Kontena Pharos was introduced to the market just a short time ago. Since then, over 2,500 Kontena Pharos clusters have been deployed all around the world. For people analyzing the container landscape and industry, the demand for something like Kontena Pharos should not come as a surprise: there is the need for a cost-effective, secure and standardized distribution of Kubernetes that works on any infrastructure - not just managed solutions on public cloud.

"Organisations looking for Kubernetes finally have the option to use a simple, solid and certified distribution that works at any scale on any cloud, bare metal, or virtualisation," said Miska Kaipiainen, CEO & Founder of Kontena. "We wanted to deliver pure Kubernetes, without any vendor specific padding, extras or lock-ins. We wanted to empower organizations to benefit from this technology at any scale. We realized making Kubernetes more accessible was the key, and now looking back on the success with Kontena Pharos, we feel we got it right."

Kontena Pharos is open source and released under Apache 2 license. It can be used for free, for any purpose: personal or commercial. For businesses, Kontena is offering commercial support and maintenance with SLA, and various consulting and training packages.

Kontena Pharos is the unique mix of simplicity, security and modularity combined with the raw power of Kubernetes. It brings simple, secure Kubernetes distribution to private clouds and datacenters. "We are heavily focusing on making Kubernetes safe for any environment. For example, we are blocking unauthenticated ports, using TLS authentication wherever possible, rolling certificates and encrypting secrets at rest," explains Jari Kolehmainen, CTO & co-founder of Kontena.

About Kontena Inc.

Kontena Inc. is specialized in creating the most developer friendly solution for running containers. Kontena's products are built on open source technology developed and maintained by Kontena. Kontena was founded in 2015 and has offices in Helsinki, Finland and New York, USA. More information: www.kontena.io.