Today we are proud to announce Kontena Pharos 0.6.0, the latest release of our Kubernetes distribution, now with multi-master (HA) support and in-cluster etcd management.


See the Kontena Pharos 0.6.0 release notes for the full list of changes.

High Availability

A highly available Kubernetes control plane is usually tricky to get right. In this release we have really tried to make setting-up a multi-master cluster as easy as possible.

High availability with Kontena Pharos can now be achieved just by defining at least three master hosts in the cluster.yml. The Pharos Cluster tool does the rest; sets an etcd cluster to master nodes, configures the Kubernetes control plane correctly and injects a client-side loadbalancer (nginx) to each worker host.

HA cluster configuration supports an external endpoint for the control plane, usually a load balancer or DNS round-robin that points to each master host. The endpoint can be also configured via Terraform integration which makes it super easy and fast to spin up HA clusters (see example).


The Pharos cluster "up" command is now executing phases in parallel. Of course not every phase can be run in parallel, but in practice this improvement means that the number of cluster workers does not really make a big impact on the execution speed. The more worker nodes, the bigger the benefit. :)


Security is one of the key focus areas in Kontena Pharos. This release adds Kubernetes secrets encryption at rest which is configured to use the strongest available encryption method, AES-CBC.

About Kontena Inc.

Kontena Inc. is specialized in creating the most developer friendly solutions for running containers. Kontena's products are built on open source technology developed and maintained by Kontena. Founded in 2015, Kontena is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and also has a branch office in New York. More information:

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