Hello! We are excited to announce Kontena Lens version 1.1 - the most amazing dashboard for Kubernetes - is out now!

Since the 1.0 version, we have been gathering data and hearing feedback from hundreds of users. Most of the feedback has been amazing and we are so happy! The biggest issue our users have been encountering is related to authentication on managed Kubernetes environments. We wanted to address this issue in this release.

Authenticating users on managed Kubernetes environments

Authenticating users to Kontena Lens dashboard on managed Kubernetes environments (such as Amazon AWS EKS and Google Cloud GKE) is difficult. The root cause of this issue is not related to Kontena Lens itself, but the way how these vendors want to enforce the use of their own IAM for everything. So, how to make IAM based authentication easier?

We created a kubectl lens plugin for kubectl that will use the local kubeconfig for authentication. Once authenticated, a secure browser session is opened to Kontena Lens dashboard. So, all you need to do is install the kubectl lens plugin, ensure you have working settings for your kubectl and simply type kubectl lens open to open a secure browser session to the Kontena Lens dashboard without the need to hassle with IAM or tokens. Sweet, right?

New features in dashboard

We have been adding some missing Kubernetes resources and primitives to the dashboard. You can now display certificates, certificate issuers and resource quotas. These new views can be found under the "Configuration" section.



As always, we have made many smaller bug fixes and quality of life improvements all around.

Want to try Kontena Lens out? Please follow our Getting Started instructions.

We hope to hear from you! Do you think something is missing from the dashboard? How could we make it better to improve your workflow? Join Kontena Community Slack channel and let us know!

Team Kontena