Kontena Cloud is now feature complete for production use. It is the new, better way to run your containers in production. The key features include hosted platforms and a cool dashboard for monitoring, analyzing and operating your container workloads. It is available as a hosted solution from Kontena, the leading container and microservices platform designed for maximizing developer happiness, and works smoothly together with the open source Kontena Platform.

Kontena reached version 1.0 around nine months ago. Since then, we have been steadily improving the product and helping our users succeed with their solutions built around Linux containers. At the moment, Kontena is one of the biggest (yet, relatively unknown) players in the market, trusted for production use by over 100 organizations and powering tens of thousands of containers in production. That's quite an achievement in such a short period of time!

Today, we are proud to announce Kontena Cloud - the premier DevOps tool for monitoring, analyzing and operating container workloads - is now feature complete and ready for production. Up until now, Kontena Cloud has been in beta with a very limited set of features. With today's release, our users can enjoy the hosted Kontena Platform deployments, built-in operations console, advanced user management, organization support and more.

Kontena has always focused on delivering the best possible solution for container orchestration with a set of features that are in line with its goal of making something that just works, plain and simple. Kontena Cloud is an integral part of this total solution and is raising the bar on ease-of-use to maximize developer happiness!

Key Features Overview

  • Monitor - Kontena Cloud provides a real-time view into container, service and complex microservice stack level statistics, and status information. You are also able to monitor multiple Kontena Services at once to quickly determine how many instances are running, what ports are reserved, service health, status and other beneficial information.
  • Analyze - Kontena Cloud offers real-time visualization of resource usage. Stats and metrics are also available from individual nodes and service instances, making it super easy to find the bottlenecks in your system and misbehaving applications. Real-time logs from nodes and services are provided to help you troubleshoot by showing errors and failures from different services in one place.
  • Operate - Instead of creating yet another (boring) web based management interface with thousands of dialogs, checkboxes and other inputs, we've listened to our users who enjoy controlling their systems with CLI tools. Therefore, Kontena Cloud features a minimal set of configuration dialogs, but comes with a built-in, web based management shell providing you with full control over the Kontena Platform.
  • Hosted Kontena Platforms - Kontena Cloud comes with the fully managed hosted Kontena Platform option that will minimize the maintenance burden for people who only want to focus on what runs on top of the platform instead of the platform itself. Just bring your own nodes from the cloud platform of your choice!
  • Organizations - Kontena Cloud makes it easy for you to manage projects with multiple people and Kontena Platform environments. You can also adjust roles for your organization members to fine-tune access to the Kontena Platforms connected to your account.

Availability and Pricing

Kontena Cloud is available now. There is a free plan aimed at hackers to run personal projects. With the free plan, you can enjoy all the features including a single hosted Kontena Platform environment. The paid plans range from $95 to $395 per month plus extras, depending on the number of hosted Kontena Platforms and nodes. We are also offering a free 14-day trial of the Pro plan – no credit card required. See the detailed pricing at www.kontena.io/pricing.

Get Started Today

Whether you are new to containers or a seasoned container expert and are looking for a complete, easy-to-use, with minimal maintenance and full automation solution, Kontena is for you! It is a container platform that just works. Since developers don't need to worry about the platform, they can focus on creating the stuff that matters. Sign up for a Kontena Cloud account and start your free trial now!