New Platform Helps Developers Leverage Container Technology Quickly and Easily with No Maintenance Required

MENLO PARK, CA and HELSINKI – Aug. 23, 2016 – More and more organizations are looking to container technology to solve some of the most difficult challenges in software development distribution. However, many of the biggest names in the container platform space are aimed at massive systems that are difficult to install, use and maintain.

Kontena is introducing its developer-friendly container and microservices platform that is quick to install, easy to use and runs at any scale on any infrastructure, be it on-premises, cloud or hybrid. The company has raised funding with backing from Lifeline Ventures, a team of serial entrepreneurs that was one of the first to invest in Supercell. The funds will be used for entering the market and initial scaling of the company and business.

Kontena provides a scalable, out-of-the-box solution that includes everything a developer needs to start running containerized applications, hassle-free. The platform is designed to maximize developer happiness through:

  • Easy installation and ease of use: Kontena works off the shelf—on any public cloud, on-premises or hybrid—and requires minimum effort to install. The platform requires no maintenance and includes automatic updates, which enables developers to spend more time working on what matters the most – their own software and applications.
  • Scalability: Unlike many other platforms, Kontena is feasible for running even the smallest container workloads and it may be scaled up when needed. This scalability means developers have just the right-sized tool for their unique organization needs.
  • Open source: Kontena is open source and integrates with other, complementary open source software as well as leading software-as-a-service offerings aimed at monitoring and logging. This minimizes vendor lock-in and ensures developers have a wide array of options available to them.

Miska Kaipiainen, chief executive officer and co-founder, Kontena, said:

“We started using Docker very early and soon realized that while it is great technology, it isn’t so easy to master. Too many people struggle when moving from development to production. Our mission is to create the most developer-friendly, open source platform for running containerized apps and microservices. We want to make it possible for all developers around the world to take advantage of this amazing technology by making it more accessible and easy to use.”

Matti Paksula, CTO, AppGyver said:

“After years of using Heroku for our application hosting, we were seeking a new container platform that would provide us with the flexibility we needed. After looking at a number of other options, we found Kontena and have been very pleased. Kontena offers us the scalability and agility we need to deploy the services that power our enterprise cross-platform mobile app builder.”

Petteri Koponen, partner and founder of Lifeline Ventures, said:

“We invest in companies that we are passionate about and that we believe we can help. With the radical shift in the developer landscape, this technology is a hot commodity, and we are committed to helping Kontena realize its vision of making container capabilities available for businesses of all sizes.”

About Kontena

Kontena, Inc. is the creator of Kontena, an open source, developer-friendly container and microservices platform. Kontena is built to maximize developer happiness by simplifying running containerized applications on any infrastructure: on-premises, cloud or hybrid. It provides a complete solution for organizations of any size. Founded in March 2015, Kontena was recognized as one of the best new open source projects in the 8th annual Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards. For more information, visit:

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