Hello Happy Developers! We are happy to announce that Kontena 1.2.0 is now available.

Kontena Platform Highlights

See the Kontena 1.2.0 Release notes for the full list of changes, including minor CLI updates.

Experimental volumes support

The Kontena 1.2 release introduces experimental support for volume management.
Stack services can now use volumes created by kontena volume create, and the service and volume instances will be scheduled together.

Kontena volumes can use volume drivers provided by Docker plugins installed on the host nodes, such as rexray.

The exact details of how these Kontena volumes are managed may still change as the implementation evolves. If you use the experimental Kontena volumes support, be prepared to change your volume definitions as necessary when upgrading to newer Kontena versions.

Native IPsec overlay network encryption

Host nodes will be upgraded to Weave 1.9.3, and switch to using the new IPSec encrypted datapath for the overlay networking between host nodes.

The new encrypted datapath uses native Linux IPsec encryption, providing improved performance compared to the current userspace sleeve transport.
Host nodes will fall back to the current UDP-based sleeve transport if they are unable to send or receive IPsec ESP packets. Note that the default firewall rules for e.g. Google Cloud Platform deny IPsec ESP packets by default.

Improved service deployment and agent communication

The server and agent have been improved to be more robust in the case of various error and overload situations affecting service deployments.
The agent can now recover from various errors, healing itself and resolving any deployment inconsistencies.

The kontena service deploy and kontena stack commands now provide better reporting of deployment errors.

Kontena Shell

The Kontena Shell is available as an optional plugin for Kontena 1.2, offering an improved interactive console interface: kontena plugin install shell


Kontena Cloud Updates

Kontena Cloud has been updated with a number of new features.
Updating to Kontena 1.2 introduces support for viewing and monitoring the grid resource consumption from Kontena Cloud. Statistics and metrics are visible also on the service and node level.

Kontena Cloud Overview screenshot

The grid information and status shown in Kontena Cloud are now also updated in real time. When a new stack is installed or services are scaled up and down, the deployment progress is immediately visible in the Kontena Cloud Dashboard. If a node goes offline or returns online, you can also see it right away.

There are also many other minor improvements under the hood, making Kontena Cloud more stable and robust to use.

About Kontena

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