Hello Happy Developers! We are happy to announce that Kontena 0.16.0 is now available. The biggest change to Kontena Platform is the brand new authentication system that is OAuth2 compatible!

Another big new feature is the Kontena Cloud. Naturally, Kontena Cloud may be used as an OAuth2 authentication provider for your Kontena Platform installations but that is just the beginning! Over the next several months, we'll be rolling out Kontena Platform management dashboard - a web based management console that can be used to monitor and administer your Kontena Platforms. The Kontena Cloud is hosted by us and we are making it available for all the users of Kontena Platform. If you would like to run your own private Kontena Cloud, please contact us!

Highlights of Kontena Platform 0.16.0 Release:

  • Kontena Master & CLI has now (optional) integration to Kontena Cloud
  • Kontena Master now supports OAuth2 providers
  • CLI usability improvements (better messages, spinners, colors, zsh support)
  • Weave Net updated to latest stable version (1.7.2)
  • Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) packages

Initial Release of Kontena Cloud

  • Identity management including account creation and profile update
  • May be used as OAuth2 authentication provider for Kontena Platform
  • Kontena Forums (powered by Discourse) at https://forum.kontena.io

See the full list of changes. We hope you like what we have done. Let us know what you think!

Migrate your Existing Kontena Platforms and Accounts

This section is for all existing Kontena Platform users. Please note that if you wish to update your Kontena Platform to latest version 0.16.0, it is necessary to manually migrate your setup.

We are continuously trying to build features that maximize the happiness of developers using Kontena Platform. One feature that has been constantly asked for by our users is more standards based user authentication and authorization. The previous Kontena authentication system was not based on any industry standards so it made it really difficult to use any authentication system other than Kontena proprietary service. We wanted to refactor the authentication and authorization implementation to be based on industry standards so that it is easily replaceable if a user or use case does not allow using our cloud based service.

Kontena’s new authentication and authorization implementation is based on OAuth2. OAuth2 is the dominant industry standard and thus it allows easy replacement of the authentication provider. Starting from this release you can use any OAuth2 compliant authentication provider for your Kontena Platform setup. Naturally, we want to help you get started and you can use OAuth2 authentication provider built-in to Kontena Cloud.

At Kontena, we truly value the security of our users. When planning the new implementation we gave preference to the utmost security over some usability features. To ensure the continued security of our users, we unfortunately couldn’t automatically migrate existing users’ data into the new OAuth2 based system.

So in order to be able to migrate your Kontena Platform to the new 0.16.0 version, or anything beyond that, you'll need to sign-up to Kontena Cloud and follow this Step-by-Step Master Migration Guide.

IMPORTANT: When signing-up to Kontena Cloud, we suggest you use the same email as you’ve been using in the past to allow smooth migration of the master.

Here’s some additional information you might find useful:

About Kontena

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