At last, Kontena 0.10.0 is now released! It's been a while since the last release. The reason is we have been working very hard to prepare Kontena for several big updates coming in the near future. The fist big update is already included in this release: Scheduler 2.0. The totally new scheduler works like a state-machine and will react dynamically to elastic nature of Kontena Grid and configuration changes. We think it's cool! Highlights of this release include:

  • New Scheduler - We did big changes how scheduling works in this release. Now each service describes desired state that scheduler tries to match. This means that services will have automatic failover and rebalance when grid has changes that will affect services. Scheduler tries to keep changes minimal so that your services does not move randomly between nodes. It also understands difference between stateless and stateful services. Stateful service instances are not moved (yet) to another node.
  • Daemon Strategy - Another long waited feature, daemon strategy, is finally here. It makes it easy to deploy daemon like services across nodes. Kontena will schedule instances to every node that match service affinity rules (node, label). Basically this means that you can easily deploy monitoring, log collectors etc. without having to know when new nodes join or old ones leave the grid.
  • Configurable Rolling Deploys - It's now possible to configure (using min_health) how many (percentage) service instances can be deployed in parallel. Previously rolling deploy was deploying instances one-by-one.
  • Post-start Commands - It's now possible to define post-start commands for services. Post-start command can be executed on all instances or only in specified instances (for example db migrations should be run only in the first instance). It's also possible to set oneshot option, when enabled, command is executed only once per instance.
  • Monitor Command - New commands, app monitor and service monitor, makes it easy to see how services are spread across the grid in real time.
  • Docker 1.9 support - Kontena is now working also with the latest version of Docker.
  • Etcd 2.2 - Etcd is upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2
  • cAdvisor 0.19 - cAdvisor is upgraded from 0.18 to 0.19

In addition, we have yet again improved the overall stability and robustness. See the full list of changes. We hope you like what we have done. Let us know what you think! Looking forward to see you again!

Image Credits: Galveston Bay Panorama by Louis Vest