Kontena was just recognized as one of the most outstanding open source projects of 2015 by Black Duck. The 8th annual Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year Award recognizes the top new open source projects initiated in the past year. Previous years’ awarded projects include some of the most recognized projects such as Ansible, Cloud Foundry, Docker, OpenShift, and OpenStack among many others.

Every year, after reviewing thousands of open source projects and analyzing project activity, commits per day, project team attributes and other factors, Black Duck selects the top projects following an audit of its findings and scores.

We are very honored to receive Black Duck Open Source Rookies 2015 Award. This recognition combined with strong organic growth in our community further confirms the importance of what we are doing.

The first version of Kontena was released a year ago. From beginning, we have been staying true to our mission: we want to create a developer friendly solution for organizations of any size to take advantage of container technologies at scale.

I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all our contributors and active members of community. Thank you alexw23, bobcolner, bvalosek, cbarratt, chav02, christofferh, daiyam, davidmtm, dbones, derDieDasJojo, dferrantelli, digitalism, dishcandanty, douglasprice, faddat, fbrbovic, four43, Gnep, hans-d, icaroseara, ilkka, jakolehm, jnummelin, josegonzalez, jrosengren, lorello, luislavena, lvnilesh, manfrin, MarcelHarkema, massimiliano-mantione, mBaasOne, miskun, Mrono, msokk, mtrofimm, n0n0x, nam-vuhoang, nevalla, nicolasmery, osobh, r4wr, riddopic, robxu9, sallespro, semprunl, solisoft, speier, Tails, tarlepp, tautek, tcurdt, thecatwasnot, TonyLiu-ROL, vialcollet, VilleSalonen and virtualstaticvoid! In addition, we'd like to say special thanks to matti and errordeveloper for their valuable input.

Since the first inception, we've been working together with our community to add highly desired functionality such as built-in overlay networking, service discovery, dynamic load balancer, image registry, secrets management and many other improvements. The common theme for all these features is to make it easier for developers to start using containers in their projects.

About Kontena

Kontena is a new open source Docker platform including orchestration, service discovery, overlay networking and all the tools required to run your containerized workloads. Kontena is built to maximize developer happiness. It works on any cloud, it's easy to setup and super simple to use. Give it a try! If you like it, please star it on Github and follow us on Twitter. We hope to see you again!

Image Credits: Rubber Ducks! by Douglas Muth